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What we strive for in the German Shepherd Breed. We have working and companion puppies!
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From quality DDR, Czech and Belgium lines.

About Sudenblick German ShepherdsBlack german shepherd breeder

We are a small hobbyist located just outside San Antonio Texas on a 10 acre ranch of rolling coastal fields and big beautiful oak trees. Our dogs are fed high quality kibble/raw mixture, all our dogs are DM tested, X-rayed for hip and elbow problems, and are thoroughly tested on temperament. We mainly breed DDR but also have czech and west German lines. We mostly have DDR/east lines because we believe they have fewer health issues and are more balanced in drives while being more serious when it comes to working. We breed for an all around dog; "all around" meaning can be a companion in the house around kids and also can go out to the working field. Check out our History page to learn more about the DDR German Shepherd lines

sable DDR german shepherd breederWe pair matings based on keeping back puppies for our working program. Our breeding's are planned far in advance for the best combinations possible based on the pedigree and genetics. The lines we use are based on workability, health, willingness, natural suspicion, temperament and structure. Our puppies will have more of an older German shepherd look to them with good substance, noble heads, rich pigment, little angulation and a stockier more proportioned look.

Our puppies will have the potential to do search and rescue (S.A.R.) agility, obedience, schutzhund, French ring, mondio, conformation, tracking, Protection (PPD), Rally, Security, Military or a house companion. A versatile, balanced, dedicated German Shepherd is what we strive to produce, much like the German Shepherds from 40 years ago.

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All of our stock is Pennhip, a-stamped or OFA passing, DM tested and free of health issues and are from top quality lines . Südenblick puppies go through tests starting at five weeks to determine what they would be better suited for, be it companion/obedience dog or high competition/military working dog. We will place our puppies on what the buyer wants so problems won’t arise later on.

WE do work our dogs, join us sometime!!

Also if you are in the san antonio area and interested in Competition Obedience, Mondio ring or Schutzhund email for details

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