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Research the raw diet!

Feeding your German Shepherd

I am shocked when I see people spend on a quality dog and then feed them dog food off a walmart shelve. Nutrition is very important if you want your dog to live a healthy and long life. Read the ingredients on the back of your dog food and if the first 3 ingredients are corn, corn meal, flour, meat meal or wheat you need to find another food.

Our puppies are fed raw and biljac puppy 2x a day

We feed our dogs a raw/kibble diet, for our adults that aren't pregnant or nursing they get feed once a day.

-victor dog food (red bag) dogs over 9 months

-raw egg

-1 chicken quarter

-powder vitamin C - Visit our vitamin C page

-yogurt (every 2 days)

-Cow/chicken liver


I do recommend an all raw diet but before you jump for all raw make sure you research. If you are looking for already blended with organ/meat/bone ratios I do recommend...

Texas tripe

Natures Variety

If you can't do raw the next best thing is dehydrated food

ziwi peak

honest kitchen

If kibble is the way you want to go, I recommend;

Victor dog food

Orijen Dog Food

Bil Jac

Natures Variety

Wellness dog food

Solid gold

Blue buffalo wilderness

Puppies are fed puppy food only until they are 6-9 months because it promotes too fast of growth and causes pano and could cause other issues down the road. A puppy needs to grow at a steady slow, natural pace.