ddr German Shepherd puppies for sale

Arras vom Bärenbruch

mentor haus iris ddr gsd

Mentor von haus Iris

held ritterberg ddr

Held vom Ritterberg

ddr german shepherd don

Don vom Rolandsteich

Jeff vom Flämings-Sand

rex haus iris ddr gsd

Rex vom haus Iris

The DDR German Shepherd dog

In 1945 after WW2 Germany was split between the USA, France, USSR and the UK. The USA, France and UK combined their half and made what was know as "west Germany" the USSR's territory was then ddr wall german shepherdscall "East Germany". West Germany prospered with wealth and East Germany suffered with poverty, which led people from East Germany to move to West Germany. With the mass of people moving from East Germany into the West they decided to close the border with the Berlin wall. The Border was guarded by dogs on running cables, guards, mines and razor wire to prevent people from fleeing East Germany. East Germany began a special breeding program to create the border dogs, these border dogs are what we refer to as the DDR German Shepherds.

The breeding program

East Germany was ruthless with their breeding program, they required good hips, temperament, structure and working ability. The dogs weren't given a registration number until 2 years after they passed all their exams of breed worthiness. A number system was used called the Wesenwertmessziffern system that gave dogs ratings 0-9 on appearance in four areas and 1-5 for fight ddr german shepherd dogand hardness. Since they were unable to get new dogs into the East the dogs developed a type the differed from the West dogs. They tended to be over-sized, larger boned, larger heads, dark pigmented and little back angulation. While the West dogs became over angulated, weak pigmented, finer boned and started narrowing the color to a black and red saddle pattern. The biggest achievement the East breeding program did was create a line with great over all health and hips.

Here are some great stats and information with DDR hips

Barry vom schwarzen Fliess, 137 progeny give 136 HD1 dogs!! - ØHD-quote 1,01

(DDR-Sieger Show-equivalent 1980 V16, 1981 V14, 1982 V9)

Don vom Rolandsteich, 249 prog. give 244 HD1 - ØHD-quote 1,02

(Within the SV, only 77 are being listed, of which 24 X-rayed*) - (1983 V18, 1984 V6, 1985 V5)

Golf von Ritterberg, 188 prog. give 186 HD1 - ØHD-quote 1,02

(DDR-Sieger Show-equivalent 1980 V12, 1981 V10)

Held vom Ritterberg, 270 prog. give 264 HD1 - ØHD-quote 1,04

(DDR-Sieger Show-equivalent 1982 V8, 1984 V7 - Ingo von Rudingen-son)

Ohle vom Rundeck, 455 prog. give 422 HD1 - ØHD-quote 1,11

(DDR-Sieger Show-equivalent 1974 V5, 1975 V7)

*= SV-Genetics Database has only registered HD-results since approximately 1986.

With the falling of the wall 1989 was the last year off the DDR, many great dogs were imported to America and many were brought to the former west and bred. The ones brought to America seemed to have been over looked by many people years back and weren't used much.

below is a old DDR pedigree

ddr german shepherd pedigree

The DDR German Shepherd today

Even though the wall fell in 1989 there are still German Shepherds today that are full DDR, you can find this out by researching the pedigree and making sure all the dogs came from DDR registered stock. Even if there are dogs today that go back to all DDR lines most today lack type and true characteristics of what their great-greats had. I wish I could say there were more breeders that bred sound/health checked dogs but most of the breeders that breed all east either don't agree with OFA (checking hips/elbows) just want to breed for "looks" or my least favorite "RARE".


special thanks to gsd-legends.eu


Great information on DDR German Shepherd Hip stats and other great information regarding these wonderful dogs.