ddr German Shepherd puppies for sale

Wally ddr/east bicolor german shepherd female

Wally vom haus Ellernbach

Wally haus ellernbach ddr gsd bicolor german shepherd puppies bicolor ddr german shepherd


AKC-DN190178, SZ-2186211, UKC-P690-685


OFA Good/Normal Elbows, OFA DM Clear

Wally AKA Bella is a import from all east German lines, beautiful dark bicolor female and produces very gorgeous, more personal protection type, outgoing puppies with working drives. Bella is one of our best producers of strong dogs, we have kept two daughters here for our future stock.

Sire- SG Sam von der Moschel SchH1

sam moschel german shepherd

Dam- G Laura von den Tonteichen SchH1

ddr sable gsd

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 5 V Jeff vom Flämings-Sand

5 - 4 V AKC CH Neumann's Jim

SCHH1 Kkl2
SG Sam von der Moschel
2001 SZ 2088264 a1 normal ZW85

SCHH2 Kkl1
SG Condor vom Haus Christian
1996 SZ 1953717 a1 normal ZW89
ScHH3 IP3 Kkl1
V Duran vom Weidegang
1993 SZ 1871877 a1 normal ZW86
SCHH1 Kkl2
Bera vom Haus Christian
1989 DDR 169950 a1 normal ZW82
Kissi vom Gleisdreieck (Ost)
1994 SZ 1901563 a1 normal ZW93
Quai vom Gleisdreieck
1984 DDR 141378 a1 normal
ScHH3 Kkl2
SG Venus vom Gleisdreieck (Ost)
1987 DDR 159319 a1 normal ZW95
SCHH 1 Kkl2
G Laura von den Tonteichen
1998 SZ 2023381 a1 normal ZW80
SCHH3 FH1 Kkl1 (BSP)
V Muchta vom Schwarzhorn
1994 SZ 1906208 a1 normal ZW75
ScHH3 IP3 Kkl1
V Don vom Haus Iris
1991 SZ 1801343 a1 normal ZW91
SCHH1 Kkl1
SG Fina vom Dammer-Land
1989 DDR 171442 a1 normal
SCHH1 Kkl2
G Grit vom Funkturm
1990 SZ 1793400 a1 normal ZW84
SG Addi von den Tonteichen
1986 DDR 149528 Ausland
SG Moni vom Haus Kathleen
1986 DDR 150108 a1 normal