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German shepherd puppies in texashey tanya, we are calling him Draco....and i LOVE him!!! he is also training in mondio ring. Carol. Draco vom Sudenblick (Hesie/Canto)


German shepherd breederShe seems really smart.  
She looks at you right in the eye like a human to see your reaction to something.
She is easy to train and has to be right next to the kids if they are around or she gets upset.  
She stays,  rolls over, sits, etc. David. San Antonio TX

Bella vom Sudenblick (Wally/Canto)

black german shepherd dogHi Tanya, Where have you been?  Are you still breeding those wonderful DDR dogs?  I wanted to let you know that Midnight is a working out well.  She is being duel trained as a Diabetic Alert Dog and Guide Dog for the blind.  She will be a brood bitch for the program when she is old enough and her hips are good.  She started the sugar drop alert all on her own!  No one ever taught her any of the signs or smells and she has correctly identified several people – even strangers in stores – when she detects a sugar level change.  Has any other owners from her litter mentioned that to you?  It’s very rare to have that instinct – maybe 1 in 1500 dogs are born with it! 


Cami is a great little girl, you are doing good, your add with her standing there looking at you in the pic is the one that cought me and she had my heart from that pic, then she gets here and is just as sweet and lovable as can be, amazing, you only get good dogs like that from people who actually care about the dogs and breed for the betterment of the dog, just think at least you test your dogs to make sure that you are only producing the best you can, you have to really love something to care enough to put that much time and effort into it. Katie. Colorado


Echo vom Sudenblick (Athos/Halley)

So far he has learned to open doors (regular knobs, and he doesn't get it every time but he knows what to do), get out of his bed (luckily he is too big to reach through the slots now) and turn the outside water faucet on. Pretty sure if he could talk he would, too. He sure seems to try, lol... So far he is pretty consistent with sitz, platz, aus, and Komm; and we are working on bring and fuss. We're moving this summer and I hope to find a club and get him ready for BH sometime in the next year or so.
Hey tanya well Jake just came home after3 weeks at sasafrass k9 in stafford va he kicked ass people cant belive how sharp he is 2 schutzhund trainers said there not even germanshepherd guys they lean more towards malinois but have to admit my dog is super sharp they cant wait to work with him.

Iltis vom Sudenblick (Canny/Dax)