ddr German Shepherd puppies for sale
Questions I get many times

Q and A's

Question-How big are your dogs? Answer- our dogs range between 50lbs-85lbs

Question-How tall are your dogs? Answer- All our dogs are within the breed standard 24-25.5 inches at the shoulder, we do not breed for oversized shepherds.

Question-What colors do you have? Answer- we have all the accepted colors..black, bicolor, black and tan and varieties of sables.

Question-What food do I feed my puppy? Answer- I have a list of recommend raw, dehydrated food and kibble found here.

Question-Do you ship? Answer- yes, we ship breeding quality puppies throughout the USA and Canada for additional cost.

Question-Do you vaccinate the puppies? Answer- Yes, our are given two 5-way vaccines at 6 and 8 weeks.

Question-Do you X-ray your dogs? Answer- Yes, we have all our dogs Pennhip, a-stamped or OFAed before breeding.

Question-How much do your puppies cost? Answer- Our puppies cost between $900-$1800, depending on the litter or certain puppy.

Question-What supplies should I get before I bring home my puppy? Answer- I recommend you get an X-pen, plastic crate, some rubber toys, stainless steel food/water dish, leash and collar.