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Kyra von Sidener BH CGC

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AKC-DN23750505, UKC-P756-855


Pennhip- .45/.32, OFA Fair, Normal Elbows

Normal Cardiac

Kyra is a large pattern sable female with little angulation. She has been awarded with a BH and canine good citizen title also she was being trained for Search and Rescue. She is a strong, high driven female with a sweet loving personality towards kids, puppies and people.

Jan 11th 2015 Kyra received a conformation rating of "G" at out regional show

March 21 2015 Kyra passed her BH at the renegade working dog trial

Kyra comes from a strong line of hard dogs such as Dasty von der Berger Hochburg Schh3 a son of SG Pike von der Schafbachmühle Schh3 IPO3 FH (BSP)and is line bred a 3-3 on full siblings SG Forma von Karthago Schh3 IPO3 (BSP)/Zara von Karthago Schh3 very strong females out of SG Half vom Ruhbachtal schh3 FH (BSP) and Anja vom Kerpener-Land schh1.

Some videos of Kyra working SAR