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Iggy all east/ddr sable female

G Iggy vom Sudenblick

workingDDR german shepherd black sable gsd puppies East DDR sable gsd

AKC-DN36121601, UKC-P756-858

Pennhip- .25/.24... 90th percentile

OFA Good Hips, normal Elbows

OFA normal cardiac

OFA DM clear

Iggy is a medium dark sable female with a rich red accent to her coat. Good earset, correct tail and gorgeous structure. Iggy is a happy go lucky girl, super sweet, great with puppies and young children. She possess a natural retrieve, high food drive, super agility and great intelligence. Iggy is from the second breeding of Canny/Dax, I ended up breeding the same combo three times because they were so well liked. Her siblings are in companion, AKC obedience, PSA and schutzhund homes.

Iggy comes from an all East/DDR pedigree with no Sven, Sando or Tino, she is line bred 5 - 4 on SG Condor von den Tonteichen SchH3, IP3 Kkl1

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Sire- Dax von Benedict

sable ddr german shepherd

Dam- SG Canny von Baerellern SchH1

black ddr german shepherd

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 4 SG Condor von den Tonteichen

Dax von Benedict
2009 AKC DN25478107 UKC OFA Fair Pennhip .45/.37 DM Clear
SCHH3 Kkl1
V Arek von uns Heimaturt
1999 SZ 2038967 UKC a1 normal
V Aron vom Sachsentraum
1993 SZ 1875410 a1 normal ZW104
SCHH1 Kkl2
SG Fanny vom blauen Engel
1989 DDR 170667 a1 normal ZW82
SCHH1 Kkl1
V Hesie von uns Heimaturt
2003 SZ 2135412 UKC a1 normal ZW78
SCHH2 Kkl1
SG Condor vom Haus Christian
1996 SZ 1953717 a1 normal ZW89
ScHH1 Kkl1
SG Ina vom Flossgraben
1996 SZ 1957655 a1 Normal ZW75

SG Canny von Baerellern
2007 SZ 2186672 UKC a1 normal DM N/N CLEAR
IP3,SCHH3,RH1 Kkl1
SG Trux vom Haus Iris
1999 SZ 2054263 a1 normal ZW79

SCHH3 IP3 Kkl1
V Iran vom Tannenkrug
1993 SZ 1884242 a1 normal ZW92
SCHH3 Kkl1
SG Lissy vom Haus Iris
1993 SZ 1878234 a1 normal ZW77
SCHH1 Kkl2
SG Gundel vom Haus Kaiser (Ost)
2002 SZ 2109535 a1 normalZW81
SCHH3 ( SG-LGA ) FH2 IP3 Kkl1
V Brain von der Sperlingsbucht
1996 SZ 1981120 a1 normal ZW90
V Mary vom Osterburg Quell
2001 SZ 2030076 a1 Normal ZW85