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Gabi east/DDR working lines solid black female

Gabi vom Sudenblick

black DDR german shepherd East DDR gsd puppies black sable gsd puppies

AKC-DN35057201, UKC-P756-857

DOB- 8/1/2012

OFA Hips Good Elbows normal

OFA- cardiac normal, DM clear by parentage

Pennhip- .38/.34

Gabi is a smaller black female with excellent working structure. Very tight earset and nice thick ears like her father Athos. She also possess nice shoulders, chest, tight feet and moves like shes floating. I am quite please with Gabi and being my second generation. Gabi takes after her Grandfather Canto with her low threshold prey drive which makes her very easy to work. She is always wanting to please you and figures things out very fast in training like her half sister Capri.

Gabi comes from an all East/DDR pedigree with no Sven or Sando, she is line bred 5 - 5 SG Gabi von der alten Wassermühle 5 - 5 V Alf vom Körnersee 5 - 4 V Don vom Haus Iris 5 - 5 SG Condor von den Tonteichen

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Sire- Athos vom Sudenblick

Black german shepherd

Dam- Wally vom haus Ellernbach

melanistic bicolor ddr german shepherd

Athos vom Südenblick

AKC UKC Pennhip.41/.41 OFA Excellent DM Clear
Canto von der Annaburger Heide
2006 AKC UKC, SZ 2167088 OFA Fair DM Clear ZW106
V Addi vom Haus Fasold
2002 SZ 2115101 a1 normal
ZW 88
Grit vom Hellersteg
1999 SZ 2037677 a1 normal ZW95
SG Canny von Baerellern
2007 AKC UKC, SZ 2186672 a1 normal OFA Excellent Pennhipped DM Clear ZW77
IP3,SCHH3,RH1 Kkl1
SG Trux vom Haus Iris
1999 SZ 2054263 a1 normal ZW79
SG Gundel vom Haus Kaiser (Ost)
2002 SZ 2109535 a1 normalZW81

Wally vom Haus Ellernbach
2006 AKC UKC, SZ 2186211 OFA Good DM Clear
SCHH1 Kkl2
SG Sam von der Moschel
2001 SZ 2088264 a1 normal ZW85
SCHH2 Kkl1
SG Condor vom Haus Christian
1996 SZ 1953717 a1 normal ZW89
Kissi vom Gleisdreieck (Ost)
1994 SZ 1901563 a1 normal ZW93
SCHH 1 Kkl2
G Laura von den Tonteichen
1998 SZ 2023381 a1 normal ZW80
SCHH3 FH1 Kkl1 (BSP)
V Muchta vom Schwarzhorn
1994 SZ 1906208 a1 normal ZW75
SCHH1 Kkl2
G Grit vom Funkturm
1990 SZ 1793400 a1 normal ZW84