ddr German Shepherd puppies for sale
Canto, DDR German Shepherd

Canto von der Annaburger Heide BH

Black DDR east german shepherd stud Canto all black ddr german shepherd pure ddr german shepherd dog

AKC-DN24191402, SZ-2167088

DOB 11/24/2005

OFA Fair/Normal Elbows, OFA DM Clear

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Canto lived at sudenblick for almost two years and during that time we had four amazing litters from him. He sired our A, B, C and D litters, he will be in our future puppies pedigrees as he produced many great features.

Canto is of all DDR/east german, he is a stunning all black with the older DDR type look. He has a lush showy, thick coat that makes people "oh and ah" and has one of the best temperments I have been around. He really wants to please and be next to your side at all times. He produces beautiful, balanced, social puppies for companionship or working homes. We now have Athos that reminds me daily of his father Canto, we are hoping he will produce similar also.

Sire- V Addi vom Haus Fasold SchH3

addi fasold ddr german shepherd

Dam- Grit vom Hellersteg IPO3 SchH3