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black ddr puppiesAthos at 7 weeks old


UKC ddr german shepherd

Athos at a UKC show

2 BOB, 2 Best male

1/11/2015 Athos received his "SG" rating at the south central regional conformation show

SG Athos vom Sudenblick

black ddr german shepherd ddr german shepherd stud solid black german shepherd dog

AKC-DN31919301, UKC P755-214

DOB- 02/20/2011

Pennhip-.41/.41 @13 months

OFA Excellent hips, Normal Elbows @ 4 years

OFA- DM Clear, Cardiac Normal

Stud fee-$700

Athos is an all DDR/east descendant male from our Canny/Canto litter. He has many notables in his pedigree such as V Trux vom haus Iris, V Tino vom Felsenschloß (LGA), V Addi vom haus Fasold, V Brain von der Sperlingsbucht (LGA) and V Dargo von den Thüringer Kronjuwelen (LGA).

Athos has a happy, sweet personality with a temperament of "Gold". Good around kids, puppies and livestock Athos has medium drives and a natural retrieve. Tight ear set, thick full stock coat, slight angulation, broad head and thick bone.  This boy gets lots of compliments for his looks and temperament. I plan on titling and showing Athos so watch for updates on this beautiful boy.

Black german shepherd ddr puppies

Athos with his parents Canny and Canto

Black ddr german shepherd

Athos at 18 weeks

Athos family hip production history
Father Canto 5 offspring xrayed 4 Good 1 fair, his sister Cim was a1 normal
Cantos father Addi vom haus Fasold produced OFA 2 excellents 1 Good, 1 fair
Mother Canny 7 offspring xrayed 4 Good 1 fair, 3 pennhipped in th 90%
Cannys dam Gundel produced OFA 1 excellent

Athos 3 offspring X-rayed 3 pennhipped 1 in 90% other 2 are nice also

Sire- Canto von der Annaburger Heide BH

solid Black german shepherd

Dam- SG Canny von Baerellern SchH1

black ddr german shepherd

Canto von der Annaburger Heide
2006 AKC, UKC, SZ 2167088 OFA Fair DM N/N CLEAR
V Addi vom Haus Fasold
2002 SZ 2115101 a1 normal
ZW 88
SG Henk von der Moschel
1995 SZ 1929210 a1 normal
ZW 91
SG Kirsche vom Sachsenzentrum
1997 SZ 2001630 a1 normal
ZW 76
Grit vom Hellersteg
1999 SZ 2037677 a1 normal ZW95
V Tino vom Felsenschloß
1995 DDR 1932875 a1 normal
ZW 84
Britta von der Schwarzen Elstermündung
1992 SZ 1843573 a1 normal ZW94
SG Canny von Baerellern
2007 AKC, UKC, SZ 2186672 a1 normal DM N/N CLEAR
IP3,SCHH3,RH1 Kkl1
SG Trux vom Haus Iris
1999 SZ 2054263 a1 normal ZW79

SCHH3 IP3 Kkl1
V Iran vom Tannenkrug
1993 SZ 1884242 a1 normal ZW92
SCHH3 Kkl1
SG Lissy vom Haus Iris
1993 SZ 1878234 a1 normal ZW77
SCHH1 Kkl2
SG Gundel vom Haus Kaiser (Ost)
2002 SZ 2109535 a1 normalZW81
SCHH3 ( SG-LGA ) FH2 IP3 Kkl1
V Brain von der Sperlingsbucht
1996 SZ 1981120 a1 normal ZW90
V Mary vom Osterburg Quell
2001 SZ 2030076 a1 Normal ZW85